12 Products Every Pregnant Mom Needs

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Pregnancy can be an exciting time in a lady’s life. The first trimester is mostly about education, so learn what it takes to complete this process in an efficient manner. The rest is all about maintaining yourself in the best possible shape. So what kind of things do you really need?




Pregnant women go to the bathroom ten times a day and three times a night. It is one of the main signs of pregnancy. Stepping on the cold tiled floor can be a challenge, so slippers will most likely become your best friends.


Fans & spray bottles


You will probably experience a lot of hot episodes. Having a fan nearby will help you avoid that feeling of being an oven for your baby. Spray bottles will also prevent these problems, especially if you also feel tired.



Frozen lasagna & ginger tea


You will never feel like cooking something tasty in the middle of the night, so frozen lasagna will keep your appetite under control. As for ginger tea, it becomes a solid adjutant in preventing morning sickness and nausea.


Thick dark curtains


You will obviously nap a lot, so you want these naps to be relaxing and comfortable. Some thick and dark curtains will turn a day into night, depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Window shutters are just as handy.




As a general rule, you should have at least 5 fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Good food is an important investment. It is always a good idea to get some prenatal vitamins too. Just make sure that everything is 100% natural, so consult your doctor upfront.


Maternity underwear


Whether it comes to underwear or bras, you need some big things. You cannot stretch those elastics forever. Besides, they will obviously feel uncomfortable. Although you can “survive” without these things too, they make a good recommendation.


Mild dental floss


Gums might experience more or less severe problems while being pregnant. Flossing is part of the maintenance, especially if they become sensitive. This is why you should get a milder alternative, but stick to this habit.


Pregnancy pillow


Pregnancy pillows have evolved a lot lately, so there is something for everyone out there. You will find all kinds of shapes and sizes. They provide support for your tummy, as well as your back and feet. You can sleep in any position with no discomfort at all.



A good book


Get a good book to educate yourself on what being pregnant means. You will most likely run into some terrible alternatives too. They will only scare you, so avoid them. Get a book based on reviews from past pregnant ladies.


Helpful contacts


It may sound unusual, but a grocery shopping and delivery service might become one of the best additions to your pregnancy. You do not want to depend on your partner or your other kid to help you while shopping, especially if you shop for the whole week. You are also not supposed to carry heavy stuff, so find some services before even needing one.

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