How to build the perfect gaming setup

Nov - 24 2013

Winter holidays are fast approaching and after a year of working hard is time to relax a little and spend some precious days binge gaming for hours. And if your gaming setup fell a little behind, it’s time to get back in track and upgrade all your gaming peripherals, because there are some big, triple […]

Looking for a good stethoscope brand

Nov - 19 2013

My brother will join the ranks of nursing students in the upcoming semester and i am going to assist him with finding a good, reliable, yet relatively cheap stethoscope. There are conflicting opinions online in regards to what are the best stethoscope brands so we’ll have to do a little bit more digging if we […]

My name is Jeff

Nov - 15 2013

My name is Jeff and this is my personal blog. I have started this blog to share my thoughts on a couple of different perspectives that i hold and consider important. While there is no specific agenda for the subjects on this blog, I am planning to stick to a regular weekly schedule for blog […]