Every gamer has a gaming case – or at least they should

Aug - 15 2014

Every electronics store will have a variety of gaming cases providing a varied choice for gamers. When it comes to choosing, it becomes difficult to choose as the number of products available is overwhelming.  Is it necessary for every gamer to have a gaming case? It is, as a gaming case provides a gamer with […]

Tips To Become Better At Gaming

Feb - 19 2014

When you were a little kid, there was no way to measure your success at gaming like there are today. Today, with the ubiquitous nature of the internet, millions of people can connect with one another and see whether or not they are as good as they think they are. If you are one of […]

How to build the perfect gaming setup

Nov - 24 2013

Winter holidays are fast approaching and after a year of working hard is time to relax a little and spend some precious days binge gaming for hours. And if your gaming setup fell a little behind, it’s time to get back in track and upgrade all your gaming peripherals, because there are some big, triple […]