Manual knife sharpeners

Jun - 17 2015

It is always very disappointing when you are in the kitchen all prepared to cook and then when it comes to chopping of onions, carrot, and tomatoes, the knife is blunt! And it is very exhausting to use it. There is no need for buying a new knife as most people would do but the […]

Benefits of using sushi knives

Feb - 11 2015

A lot of people have become extremely aware of the benefits of using extravagant gear when it comes to the kitchen appliances that are available on the market nowadays. The reason behind this is the modern way. The best example that comes to mind in this regard is the sushi sets that are available these […]

Manual Knife Sharpeners or Electric Knife Sharpeners?

Dec - 07 2013

I have gotten into a debate over the weekend with my uncle on what’s the best way to sharpen your knives. As a traditional guy, my uncle has been sharpening knives manually for years using a stone, although recently he found a couple of manual knife sharpeners on the market that he fancied and purchased […]