Do Tens Units Work For Knee Pain?

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Sudden pain that occurs in the knee is usually or probably as a result of knee injury or overusing the knee. The knee joint is normally very vulnerable to any damage and pain because it normally takes the full weight of your body, and you normally put an extra force when you run or jump. If you have had surgery on the knee, you will tend to feel some pain often. On that note, you can prefer to use the Tens Units device to get some relief from pain. Now you might wish to know as to “Do Tens Units work for knee pain? Well, let’s find out!

How Tens Units Work To relieve Knee Pain?

With the Tens Units, you place the electrodes below and above the knee pain area. By stimulating the knee area, you will tend to excite other nerves that are around the knee area and hence, the pain nerve does not get the pain message to the spinal cord for transmission to the brain. The portable powered battery Tens Unit can be worn all day, if required. It is usually small enough to wear on clothing. Electrodes are normally placed on the knee at the sight of the pain. A very mild electric current stimulates nerves endings on the knee, which results in the reduction of pain in the knee. The Tens Unit usually sends impulses through the wires connected to the electrodes placed at the side of the knee that is in pain. Huge advances of chemicals are normally produced, which decreases the perception of pain. It will also reduce the stiffness of the knee. It can normally be worn for five to twenty minutes. It can be used to fix knee pain that has been caused post surgery, knee pains caused by sporty activities, advanced and even mild pain in the knee.

Advantages of Tens Units in Reducing Knee Pain


If your knee hurts a lot, the Tens Unit is useful in such cases. It reduces the amount of pain. The tens Unit is highly tolerated. There is usually a reduction in the level of pain, and it will stimulate the muscle tissues and strengthens the muscle tissues that support the knee joint in addition to relieving pain, in and around the knee. It also helps to relieve pain on people who are unable to perform an exercise program, and also those who are unable to walk and go up and down the stairs. When it comes to older people with knee pains caused by Osteoarthritis, Tens Unit can also be used to reduce knee pain and increase quadriceps muscle strength. It also stimulates and strengthens muscle tissue that supports joints around the knee, in addition to relieving pain in the knee. The Tens Unit is a portable device that you can easily carry with yourself for the unexpected moments when the pain strikes and all you will need to do is apply the electrode patches to the affected area.

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