How to shave your head using a safety razor?

Dec - 07 2015 | By

Safety razors are really safe and they are used by millions of men around the world. If anybody wants to know what actually a safety razor is then it can be explained in brief. The shape of a safety razor is almost like the letter T and the handle is crewed till the top of the razor. You need to place the blade between two pieces of the safety razor and then tighten the screw which will give a slight bend to the blade. This forms the perfect shaving angle and this is the main reason why safety razors give you the best clean shaved look. Safety razors can also be applied to shave the head as bald look is getting famous among many men. You need to get the perfect bald look so that people can find you very handsome.

The guidelines for using a safety razor to shave your head can be explained in details. At first you need to get the best quality safety razor from the market. This is not at all a tough job to do as there are many good brands available. The first thing which you should remember is that the skin on your scalp is very sensitive and hence you should be careful while shaving off those hairs. Razor bumps and skin irritation are the two most common types of problems of shaving. These problems can be greatly reduced if use a safety razor while shaving your head. You should wet your hair and apply a good quality shaving gel while shaving your bald head. This will reduce the risk of razor bumps or other problems related to shaving.
Shaving gel should be applied all over your head so that the little hairs which you are trying to shave off have softened. After applying a shaving gel you need to start the shaving process with the safety razor. You should hold the safety razor at a certain angle which will give you the best shave possible. While shaving the back of your head you should be little bit careful as the back of your head has a lot of curves. After shaving your head with a safety razor you should apply a shaving lotion which will give a good sensation on your scalp.

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