Manual knife sharpeners

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It is always very disappointing when you are in the kitchen all prepared to cook and then when it comes to chopping of onions, carrot, and tomatoes, the knife is blunt! And it is very exhausting to use it. There is no need for buying a new knife as most people would do but the manual knife sharpener is a must have in the kitchen.

The knife is the most commonly used item in the kitchen, and eventually it gets all blunt and worn out. It no longer chops as it used to, and it is very stressful when one is using a blunt knife because it makes work slower.

Before the inventions of knife sharpeners, the whetstone or any rough surface use sharpened knives. It used specific skills and knowing which areas to use and how to turn the knife so that it could be sharpened evenly.

Today, there is a variety of knife sharpeners; from electric ones to non-electric. It is no longer stressful to sharpen them when they are blunt like the old times, and one can choose to depend on their preferences like speed and efficiency.

Why you should choose manual sharpeners?

There are a lot of advantages of using a manual knife sharpener compared to the electric one.

It is very cost effective compared to the others. It is cheap and is affordable among all classes of people in the society and therefore, it should be a must have since there is no excuse for not purchasing one.

It’s simple design is just incredible. It has a plastic handle and a slot which contains the blades that play the lead role in making the knife sharp.

The use of manual knife sharpener is very good because the user has a superior control over it when using it. They control the areas which they want to be sharper than other parts because different people use knives differently. Some people love using the edges, point of the grind part of a knife.

Manual methods of sharpening can do more than just one function than just knives. They are less bulky and take up a minimal space of storage in the kitchen compared to the electric one.


It also has some drawbacks, which include:

They cannot remove the metals gently while making the blades sharper. They also do not have many slots like the electric sharpener to allow the sharpening of knives at different angles to produce very refined edges. It is also very difficult to sharpen serrated knives when using the manual sharpener. If there is, it is not efficient compared to the electric one. They are less efficient, convenient and slower than electric.

Manual sharpening methods

When sharpening your knives using the manual sharpener, they are different methods, which can be used, which are:

i.            Slotted system- It has metal strips, which are laced together forming a “v” shape between the fingers and wheels where the knife is drawn thus sharpening it.

ii.            Rod system-It has ceramic rods set at different angles that fit in the base and so the knife is pulled against the rods thus sharpening it.

When you use the manual knife sharpener, it never goes wrong and is very convenient. Buy it today!

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